STOIC is an innovative campaign management, BI and data analysis system. STOIC gives your organization the advantage in making data driven strategic decisions.

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Database Managment

Advanced Analytics Without Code

With the STOIC system you can manage your own database. The system will cross reference information from multiple data sources and do enrichment of automated BI models. You can do it all without the need for code. Rapidly access and manage data and reports, import databases, assign and manage tasks.

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STOIC uses an AI sentiment analyzer which enhances the monitoring capability of the system. The Sentimentor divides the database into segments and maps social interactions within audience groups. This gives the user a complete and clear picture of audiences' supporting and opposing positions.

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With the STOIC system you can integrate all your digital assets and target your audiences directly from the system based on your field activity. With STOIC you can create target groups to improve the accuracy of the message and improve interaction with the audiences.

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Data Protection

STOIC holds our users’ data protection at the highest priority. STOIC guarantees we will not use, share or sale the data that is uploaded to the system. STOIC follows the GDPR regulations.

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Get valuable insight about the changes in audience support or opposition and understand how to improve the message in order to increase the impact on potential audiences.

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Oppo Research

Conduct online research into the competition's advertising expenditures, social media trends and trending keywords, as well as their target audience, activity’s locations and the online sentiment towards the competition.

Additional Features

Management of All Scales

Data Driven Decision Making Process

Monitoring and Interaction with Audiences

Data Enrichment

Digital Asset Management


STOIC was founded in 2017 by a team of dedicated political and business strategists who identified the need for an advanced campaign management system. The modern campaign requires a multi-level effort operating on a large number of communication platforms and data. Today’s media consumptions habits require a perfect fit between message and audience in order to recruit supporters and mobilize voters. STOIC gives the modern campaign the strongest advantage today.